Day 212

Walked back up the high hill to the cafe to get breakfast before heading out on a long stretch of nothing. Met a nice couple when I left the restaurant. They live in San Francisco and I told them that they would probably hear about me. I am hoping to get some media when I finish. I left Austin and on the west side of town was the cemetary. There were definitely more people buried in Austin than currently living. Weird place. And Trump signs everywhere. I don’t understand. Anyways, back on the road. Loving life at this moment. Simply beautiful views and great weather. My friend from back home said that she bought me a ticket to one of the Falcons games in December! WOOHOO!!


I crossed the Pony Express Trail. Yes, THE Pony Express Trail. I didn’t think it was still there but it is. It crossed the road that I am on and they had it marked. The Pony Express was a route from Missouri to California where young men would ride horses rapidly to deliver mail. It only lasted a year. Once the telegram and then the railroads came there was no need. But these young men would ride for days on end, stopping at stations along the way to swao horses in sometimes as little as 15 seconds. They would be facing danger in many ways but it didn’t stop them. Quite a story. Google it.


I realized that I have a new favorite thing to do. It is sitting on the Pony Express Trail in Nevada on a cloudy day while eating gummi worms. I was looking out at sand funnels in the distance. I don’t know if that is what they are called but that’s what I call them. When the wind blows the sand into little mini tornados. Looks really cool. Great moment.


Got back up and walked on. Great walk. Great sunset. Great day on the road!!

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