About Brittany

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Brittany was one of those people that lit up a room when she walked in. She had a great life and did amazing things for so many people. She was married for 9 years and had 3 boys. Those boys were everything to her. When things got rocky and she and her husband split up, she was dealing with the dangerous area between liberation and stress. Being away from her boys as she was trying to get her new, single lifestyle was very stressful on her. She used drugs to deal with it.

We all were there to help and she knew it. She was so close to turning her life around. She wanted to so bad and was trying very hard. One night, when she supposed to be coming over to my house but never made it, she overdosed. March 15th, 2014. The last day of her life and the worst of mine. She was on a mix of many drugs, one being heroin, and her heart stopped.

She had a scare about a month prior with heroin that she was saved from. That is when the family really intervened and started giving our best shot to get her out of this scene. Brittany was doing great and so were we. Not pressuring her too much, just offering the help when she needed it. I strongly believe that she would have been able to beat addiction with everything that she had going for her. Unfortunately, the overdose cut her chances short.

She impacted so many people in her life in good ways. She had many people who loved her. I know that she will be absolutely loving what I am doing for her by spreading the word, giving support, and hopefully saving lives. Brittany was a great mother and a beautiful person. She was taken too soon by a terrible epidemic that is hitting our nation. Please work with me, in any way that helps, to make a difference in next year’s overdose deaths. We HAVE to get more attention to this issue!