Day 218

Off day


Football Sunday. At least I would have something to do today. I watched the first game and was hoping that they would show the Falcons game in my region. I got a text from Sabrina saying that she was bringing Domino by. She is the woman who is helping me out with Domino until I finish. She came with her son Chris and Domino, who was actually excited to see me. I thought she would’ve been mad at me for all that she’s been through but the love was still there. We hung out for a minute but it was cold and rainy. They had to head back. I was thrilled to get to meet Sabrina. She is an admin with a group called Covered With Love. That’s what they do. If someone needs a little love, they have plenty to offer. I am honored to have been helped by them.


Falcons game didn’t play in the region. So I watched the other game while following the play by play of the Falcons game from my phone. It came down to the last seconds but the Falcons lost. They played well but should’ve done better. Oh well.

I was watching motivational videos on youtube and thinking about how I’d like to eventually work my way up to helping troubled youth and with prisoners re-entering society. Just doing a little dreaming. Out of the blue, I got a call from an unknown number. It was a kid I met while incarcerated a while back. I was released in 2008 and have worked my way off of probation and all other restrictions. I earned my freedom back. Part of this trip for me is celebrating that. This kid is still locked up. He said that he didn’t even know why he called but he did. I told him what I was doing and that I worked my way out of the system. I made sure to let him know that it wasn’t easy and that he can’t rely on any of them for support. But I stressed the fact that I have gone from a convicted felon to a hero to many. I told him to call me when he gets out and I’d try to help him. I don’t think I’ll be set up to help him the way I’d like to by next year but I’ll do what I can. I think he was truly inspired by the way I was speaking to him. I guarantee you that he went on to talk to other inmates about what I was doing. It felt good and the timing was beyond coincidence. Crazy.

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