Day 219

Today was the day that I had planned on going back to the walk. The weather was a little iffy but was manageable. I was over a week behind on my blog and had a few other errands that I needed to do. I made the choice to stay one more day. I walked across the street to a nicer hotel and asked nicely if I could use their business center. I have been sitting here for 3 hours catching up on my blog and I have also mapped out the remainder of my route on my map tool. Two very valuable things as far as piece of mind goes. I still need to run to the post office to ship back some clutter I’ve collected and I want to go to the sporting goods store too. I am not going to get anything but I just want to go. I could definitely use another sleeping pad but since I am so close to finishing I will just tolerate it and save the money for something else. I feel so much better know that I got these things done.


So tomorrow I will set back out and will be in Carson City in 3 days. The weather is supposed to get very nice later this week which will be perfect for me as I am approaching the Sierra Nevada mountains. They won’t be so bad as long as the weather is ok. Hoping that I can time it right to get over as safely and comfortably as possible.


That’s that!!

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