**If you are on a mobile device please go to the “sidebar” on the homepage and look for the link to my gofundme account..**


There are many ways to help me out with my cause. Obviously, a big one is to donate to help finance my quest. On this page is a link to a GoFundMe account. EVERY cent that I do not use on my walk will be given to charities or will go to starting my own nonprofit organization.

Other ways to help are:

    • Following me on social media and “liking” and “sharing” my posts. There are links to my personal facebook, instagram, and twitter on my home page.
    • Tell your friends about me and direct them to my website.
    • Spreading the facts about overdose to others.
    • Stay connected with me along my journey and continue to show support. I am sure I will need it!
    • Let me know if there is something that I can improve on.
    • Let me know if I have helped you in any way. As this is the main purpose of my quest, I’d like to know if I have been a positive impact on anyone.