My Route

Capture 3

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**The image above is a general idea of my route. Not the exact roads**

***My route is planned but can change at any moment for any reason***

I plan to start in Cape Henlopen Delaware on the Atlantic coast and go through D.C., Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, through southern Colorado to see the Four Corners monument, up through southern Utah, through Nevada to Carson City, Sacramento, and finish just after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. I am essentially following U.S. 50. Just hopping on and off of it based on safety. I am starting on March 15th, 2016. The 2 year anniversary of the death of my sister. I will be trying to go at a steady pace so that I can get over the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada mountains before it gets too cold to do so. I will be taking exact notes of my route as I go along and will write step by step directions in a guide book once I am back home in case anyone else is interested in taking the same route in the future.