About Domino

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Domino is a Lab Mix. I believe that she is mixed with Beagle but I am not sure on that. As I have gotten to know her, that mix makes sense with her personality. She is the sweetest thing ever! VERY playful and still puppy-like. She is just about full-grown. Throughout our training she has kept up with me easily. I made sure to learn a lot about the concerns of bringing a dog on such a tough journey. I learned about first-aid for dogs, signs of fatigue and discomfort, temperature concerns, how to cool her off and warm her up, etc. The most important thing that I have learned about her is HER. We have already built a great relationship with good communication. She even lets me know when she has to go ‘potty’ while we’re walking. She stays right at my left heel at all times and never lets the leash tighten. When she is off-leash, she stays close enough to hear a whistle and come running back. There will be a lot of responsibility that I will be taking on to bring her with me. She will also limit where I will be able to go tremendously. I say it’s totally worth it! She is going to have a blast and I am very thankful to have her with me. I will be posting how she is doing along the way.