Day 211

Off day


I was in a hotel and decided to take the day off to watch football. Before the games started, I walked over to the laundromat and started laundry. Then decided to hike up to the top of the hill I was looking at. Why not? I get up there and there is this weird structure that is known as Stokes Castle. I walked around and took some pictures then headed back down to get my laundry.


Back in the hotel, I get a message from Kenyon, a guy who walked across America in 2014. He said him and a friend were in Austin and wanted to meet up. Awesome!! I told him where I was and he came to meet me. He understood exactly what I was going through. He had gone on this same road on his walk. We talked for a little while and he hooked it up with a few gifts and some cash. Even some pine nuts. Pine nuts are a Nevada thing that people obsess over. I had been wanting to try some but they are too expensive. He found some and showed me how to eat them. That was great. Him and his friend Lisa were amazing. Can’t wait to see them again. It goes to show you how the walker community looks out for each other. I can’t wait to help out future walkers myself.


I went back to my room and watch the Falcons beat up the Broncos!! Great day 🙂



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